Kingsdale Wines

Bird Protection

As soon as the grapes start getting ripe, the birds think we are putting out treats, just for them. The first birds to arrive in late January early February are the Crows, Indian MInahs and Starlings. We use anti-bird nets to cover the whole seven acres of our vineyard. A netting machine on the back of the tractor is capable of covering five rows of vines at a time. Joins every fifth row are made with cable ties and netting clips. This way we achieve extremely effective bird protection.

The Netting Machine

The Netting Machine has a big spool at the back of the tractor, feeding out the nest over a high spreader arm.

Netting Joins at the Posts

To get a complete seal, first the nets are hooked over at the posts


This leaves big gaps

Sealing the Gaps between the Birdnets

The nets are pulled through the top wires and secured with cableties

Reeling in the Birdnets

Holding the birdnets tight when reeling them in

Netting finished for the year.

Almost finished for another year