Kingsdale Wines


Harvest time is usually from the beginning of March to the end of April  The first grapes to ripen are the white grapes. Usually the Sauvignon Blanc in about the first week of March, followed by the Chardonnay and then the Semillon. Our red grapes, Merlot and Shiraz, follow during April. We hand pick our grapes under the nets into picking buckets. These get collected in a trailer and then placed in picking bins. The picking bins are collected with the forks on the tractor and tipped into a container which feeds into the de-stemmer crusher.

hand picking

By hand picking all our grapes we ensure that the juice remains sweet until it is processed, safely encased by the grape skins.

into 15 litre buckets

A picking bucket. A full bucket weighs about 7 kilo.

collecting the buckets

We collect the buckets in a trailer behind the car. This fits under the nets without a problem.

a picking bin

The buckets are then emptied into a picking bin. A bin filled with Semillon grapes comes into the winery.

tipping the bin

The bin tipping attachment on the tractor allows it to be rotated and tipped into the receiving hopper.

ready for processing

The grapes have been tipped into the destemmer crusher and are now ready for processing.