Kingsdale Wines


Pruning is the task in the vineyard during winter. We start as soon as the leaves have dropped off the vine, which is usually late May and need to be finished before budburst in late September. There are two basic ways of pruning a vine, spur pruning and cane pruning. We originally used spur pruning, but discovered that this resulted in a lot of unwanted basal bud shoots, and a lot of work during spring removing unfruitful canes. We are therefore converting to cane pruning.

Unpruned Vine

  An unpruned grapevine

Spur Pruned Vine

A spur on the cordon of a spur pruned vine. Eventually the cordons get vey thick and the spurs can become very long.

Cane Pruning

Cane Pruned Vines


Lopping the old cordons and leaving two new canes per vine.

Cows Love Vine Canes

One way of disposing of the canes is to feed them to the cows. They will come running for this delicious change in their diet. However, it is a lot of extra work picking up all the canes.


A bit quicker…we can also mulch the prunings. The sweeper at the front of the tractor sweeps the canes from under the vines and the mulcher at the rear chops them finely.